Monterey bay aquarium

This Thanksgiving week, Dave was given the week off work (save a couple meetings strategically placed in the middle of two different days!). We contemplated visiting a new area of the states but decided there was still so much for us to see close to home. Monterey is about 1 hour 20 minute drive from our house. We’d heard great things about the aquarium and Josh’s recent library visit brought a book all about the ocean into our home (Who knew Jellyfish were no longer known as Jellyfish, but as Jellies?). Perfect. They asked for a visit somewhere they could see some fish and we agreed. Little did they know we’d already planned it. Win-win!

Armed with our new found knowledge about the ocean, we made the beautiful journey to Monterey. The drive was so scenic and Dave and I couldn’t get over the weather. Every now and then I’d blurt out ‘but it’s NOVEMBER!!!’ I wish I could adequately capture the way the light falls on everything around us here. It is truly mesmerising and ever changing. The evening sun is my favourite!

The children kept us entertained in the car, as usual. Click here for a short clip of them singing.

Jellies were the first things we encountered when we entered the aquarium and I admit to feeling a little smug about my new found knowledge of the subject (OK so I still don’t actually know THAT much about them…). We were all mesmerised by their movements. I could have stood in the same spot and watched them for hours. And you can too, just click here, here and here!

We seem to have lost the photo’s we took on our good camera, but luckily captured plenty of moments with our trusty iPhones.









Of course there was the requisite excitement at seeing the hammerhead shark. We dutifully stood and gazed on in wonder, at the huge open ocean view for quite some time.





It was about then that I noticed Olive was creating another small ocean in her pants. She spent the rest of the visit stripped from the waist down in her nappy. Yes, we are that kind of clientele.







Once the hunger hit, we dined al fresco across the street from the aquarium. My clam chowder in a bread bowl was a huge hit!


IMG_0478 IMG_0482

I took Eve, Josh, Lucy and Charlotte for a look around the seashell shop. Eve and Lucy are loved this seat outside of it and sat here while they begged for the most expensive sea shells in the shop (it didn’t work).


Enjoying the fantastic view over the bay and soaking up the sunshine.


IMG_0505 IMG_0511


One Comment on “Monterey bay aquarium

  1. We absolutely loved this – you have a way with words and with taking pictures! The video clips were amazing – not just the jellies but the children singing in the car! Gorgeous.Thank you thank you thank you Poppy & Grandma

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