Fall is over. Winter is here and so is the rain! It has come down fast and furious this last week. It’s funny how a bit of rain and greyer skies can instantly transport my mind to thoughts of home. All of a sudden the landscape feels that bit more familiar to me, despite the palms and mountain ranges in view. I’ve been enjoying the novelty of the rain here – and for California it is a novelty. We are in a severe drought! This weather is good and nourishing for the earth and despite the recent downpours we have had much, much more is still needed. Check out this short video of the rain outside my house a few days ago.

The best thing about the rain we’ve been having here though, is that it is always followed by the sun. Lucy (our little nature baby) likes to tell me that rain + sun = RAINBOWS and she is right! I have lost count of the number of rainbows I have seen recently (several, daily) but they never get old. There is something thrilling to me (and Lucy) about rainbows. I love them. They are beautiful, colourful and slightly mysterious to me.


A promise in the sky, I associate rainbows with sacred things. There have been moments when I have looked heavenward with a heavy heart to see a colourful bow smiling down on me, and have felt those colourful rays of light pierce my soul and lighten my spirit. Being LDS, I can’t talk of rainbows without thinking of this quote from President Uchtdorf:

Uchtdorf Rainbow Quote



One Comment on “Rainbows

  1. Loved reading this have been thinking of you all and hoping that you are having a wonderful Christmas- Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you where you see even more dreams come true and more rainbows to lighten the heart much love xxxxx

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