Olive turns one!

A couple of days after we moved in to our house here in California, Olive turned 1! I knew it was coming and although I’d have liked time to have stood still for at least a little while (so we could be better prepared, like you know – have a car, some furniture – even some friends!) it didn’t. Before we knew it, the day was here and luckily for us Uncle Tom had just flown in to help us party.

This was also the day Olive got her biggest gift, new shoes!!! We got them in England, shortly before we moved and were waiting for her to try and stand a little more, before she could start wearing them. They are special shoes from the physiotherapist and are much more sturdy than the usual shoes you can buy in a store. Olive still needed to wear her boots and bar at night but could enjoy much more freedom during the day. Needless to say, she loved them!




Olive is well and truly loved by all her siblings in our home!




Since moving, we had been given hire cars to use by Dave’s company and Olive’s birthday was the only opportunity we had to try and buy a car, before we needed to give them back. Dave headed off to try and sort out that for us while I took Tom and the kids to Happy Hollow for the day. It was the perfect place to celebrate Olive’s birthday. Tom helped Olive take her first ride on the carousal, which she loved – even if her face seems to show otherwise in these photographs!







We then scoped out a few more rides and wandered around the ‘zoo’ before having some lunch. We then raced to watch a puppet show which all of us enjoyed. Look at those gorgeous chubby ankles and knees!!! (Olive’s, not mine!)










After much playing in the large park, we discovered a small roller coasted which the older children loved. Tom kindly looked after Olive so I could take them on it again, and again, and again.

The day went all too quickly and soon it was time to head home. Dave had successfully managed to get us a new car and we arranged to meet at the ward BBQ, held at the park next to our new house. We enjoyed meeting new friends at the BBQ all had a great time at the park. By the time we got home we were all worn out and ready for bed. For the first time ever, we had birthday cake, card and a few gifts two days later. There was no 2am cake decorating this year and although I was a little bit sad about that, I didn’t at all miss the stress of trying to get a cake finished so I could get to bed. There are definitely some advantages to being short of the usual things that make up a home – like, you know… cake tins, whisks, beds and sofas! However, we did have all our people and plenty of love and appreciation to go around for this little angel in our lives.

The children all enjoyed picking out a special cake (we went around the block a few times on that one!) and balloon for Olive. They settled on a red velvet cake which was delicious. It took a little while for us to be able to sit down together and celebrate because of Dave’s schedule. Charlotte obviously couldn’t wait that long, I noticed a nice chunk of icing had been spoilt. I can’t blame her though, it was very good!






As is our tradition on every birthday, Olive got a special card detailing ‘all about Olive’ at 1 year old. I’m so glad we seemed to accidentally start this at Eve’s 1st birthday. It’s become a meaningful part of the celebration, to write and then to read what we love about that child at that stage in their life.

Olive, we love you and are so glad you have joined our family. You bring us so much happiness and joy!

2 Comments on “Olive turns one!

  1. Loved reading this and seeing your lovely photos – I have so many happy memories of you Heather and also of the short time I knew David – your children are beautiful x

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