An Englishman in New York

I just visited New York for the first time. It was a flying visit – arriving on Thursday then leaving on Friday, which meant I had just a few hours to explore – that was enough, though, to get a taste of this amazing city. I was there to attend an event at the Soho Apple Store –  the event is part of my first major campaign with Apple and I was really keen to be part of the evening, as well as see what I could of the city while I was there.

The first thing to note was that the weather was proper freezing. And I mean PROPER freezing. This week in California, the sun has been shining and I’ve been wearing shirts and sunglasses, sometimes with a jacket. The past 5 months must have softened up this rock ‘ard (said with a Teeside accent) Northerner, because when I stepped off the plane, felt the wind and saw a lake completely frozen over, I was struggling. I no longer own a pair of gloves or a warm hat, so I was totally unprepared.

The frozen lake that welcomed me to New York

The frozen lake that welcomed me to New York

The hotel was lovely – great city views and an ice rink by the entrance! They like to display their logo upside down. I quizzed the receptionist as to why this would be and he gave an unsatisfactory rationale about turning things on their head. We’ll forgive them, because everything else was great.

The ice rink and hotel entrance - note the upside-down logo

The ice rink and hotel entrance – note the upside-down logo

The great glass elevators

The great glass elevators

Manhattan from the hotel room

Manhattan from the hotel room

The event was fantastic – we commissioned a number of artists to create work on Apple devices and 4 of the artists were speaking on a panel and answering questions. It was the first time that I saw our work in the ‘real world’, actually in-store. Up until this point, the campaign for me has really been confined to the studio in Cupertino, so it was amazing to see it out there and meet some of the artists I’d been working with in person.


After the event, I went out for dinner with some work colleagues. We stopped by their hotel on the way while one of them made a phone call. I waited in the rooftop bar, which had a [freezing] balcony with stunning 360 views of the city skyline. The balcony has a plunge pool, which was also frozen over, but looked incredible.


Take the High Line

The High Line is a stretch of former railway that has been made into a park. It’s a mile and a half long and has plants, seating, signage, points of interest and art pieces along the way. It’s also a good way to explore part of the city, as the line is raised 40 or 50 feet above street level. The High Line runs through the hotel I was staying at and a few of the folk at work recommended taking a stroll along the line. I set out at 7am with camera in hand, but sadly no gloves on fingers. I spent around 40 minutes walking along the line, with the snow falling. The garden areas were covered in snow and looking a bit worse for wear following a tough winter. The sun loungers were understandably empty and topped with a layer of snow. A few brave joggers passed by as well as a couple of staff members with shovels. It made for a fascinating space – it felt like something that belongs in Summer but it had a really cool (literally) abandoned feel in Winter.

IMG_1061 IMG_1044

Coolest vending machine ever.

Coolest vending machine ever.

IMG_1022 IMG_1033 IMG_1037

Complimentary ice water

Complimentary ice water

IMG_1010 IMG_1008 IMG_0969

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Do you know the way to San Jose?


I was amazed hat no-one was using the sun loungers...

I was amazed that no-one was using the sun loungers…

I then left the High Line and walked back to the hotel on street level to have a quick look around.

IMG_1054IMG_1039 IMG_1052IMG_1051

What’s the Crack?

One of the artists from the campaign – an impressive and super-nice travel photographer, had suggested we meet up for breakfast, so I headed over to meet him just off Central Park. On the way, I dropped by the well-known Milk Bar and picked up a Crack Pie.

It's where the Crack's at.

It’s where the Crack’s at.

I have no idea how, but a number of years ago, I must have read online somewhere about Crack Pie. It was all the rage in New York City, a kind of cheesecake thing – don’t really know as we haven’t eaten it yet, but apparently the New Yorkers were queueing right down the street for it (people seem much more willing to queue here – how does waiting for 2 hours in the cold sound for a Cronut – hybrid donut-croissant? Thought not.) Anyway, Crack Pie, named such for its addictive qualities, had lodged itself in my consciousness and owned a special little place in my heart, but not yet my stomach, so I decided to suspend my long-term* Gluten-free status and grab a slice of the action. I actually grabbed several slices because Heather was also keen to get involved in the Crack Pie revolution.



*Approximately three days.


Eats, shops and leaves

Breakfast was great – my photographer friend has travelled a lot with his work and had some good stories to tell. The scran was pretty decent, too.


We then both went 50 yards down the street to 5th Avenue, where New York’s most prominent Apple Store is located. We went inside and took some photos of the space and chatted to a few of the employees.


I then headed down 5th avenue to buy treats for the kids and the beautiful Heather, who has been getting five lively children up, dressed, fed, to school on time, picked up, cleaned up, fed again, home-worked, fed again, cleaned again, dressed and put to bed single-handedly so that I could make this trip.

IMG_1111 IMG_1099

I hailed an iconic yellow cab and headed back home, getting a few last glimpses of the city along the way.

IMG_1966 IMG_1165 IMG_1140 IMG_1118 IMG_1145

I love that tiger. So does the construction worker it seems.

I love that leopard. So does the construction worker it seems.


5 Comments on “An Englishman in New York

  1. Great post Dave!
    The stuff you have been working on looks awesome!

    Your photography has come on beautifully! The images accompany your copy well and together they create a strong narrative, giving me a good feel for the place. I particularly enjoy the shot of the vending machine, the composition is right up my street and machine really pops against the subdued colours. Love it!!

    I’m intrigued about the images of the cars. Is it a carpark of some sort?

    How is the gluten free diet going?
    It was Jen’s 30th birthday last weekend and I had a bash at baking a gluten and dairy free cake for her. It turned out to be a big hit with even gluten-eaters! I can send you the recipe if you like? It’s chocolate fudge 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments, Ant! I enjoyed myself out there with my camera and the vending machine is my favorite shot. The car image was some kind of second-hand lot/repair yard by the High Line. The gluten-free diet is very much in its infancy! I did rock some gluten-free pancakes this morning. I’ve accidentally broken the rules a few times, but I’m just easing my way into it all. The recipe sounds great – get it sent! Hope you’re well – Happy belated 30th to Jen!

    • Thanks, Justin – I’ve updated the blog to reflect a more accurate representation of large felines. I’ve opted for leopard, but it could also be a young jaguar? What do you reckon?

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