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Monthly Archives: April 2015

I came across this while digging around in an old hard drive recently. A lovely record of a particular point in time. Only a few years on, we’ve already been through a lot of changes!

We’ve moved around a fair bit since Heather and I got married. From a flat in South Shields to a flat in Edinburgh, to another flat, a third flat and a house in Edinburgh, to Mam and Dad’s place in Billingham, to a house in Durham, to temporary accommodation in Cupertino and now to our current place in San Jose. 8 or 9 homes in just under 11 years. Partly due to this… Read More

A few weeks back, I travelled to Rhode Island and Boston for work. Myself and a colleague were interviewing students and graduates for possible design opportunities. I’d never been to Rhode Island or anywhere else in New England, so I was excited to have a look around. Looking at the map, I noticed that New England lives up to its name with Cumberland, Lincoln, Bristol, Greenwich and Warwick all nearby. Like my New York… Read More

Last week, Heather and I went out on our third date since moving to California! Heather’s sister Kate  is visiting and was kind enough to look after the kids while we heading up to San Francisco to watch Brandon Flowers play. It was a great show – the venue, which plays mainly Britpop, Madchester, mod and 60’s soul was very small – fitting maybe 200 people in. Brandon was on form – his… Read More