Mothers Day 2015: San Jose Rose Garden

Heather’s Mother’s Day wish this year was for “some nice family photos, with no moaning”! After Church, camera in hand, we headed to the San Jose Rose Garden, a place we had yet to visit. It’s a really lovely park with green spaces, a fountain and of course, lots of roses of every colour. We took some bubbles to keep the kids occupied and got some great shots. The kids enjoyed using the camera too and *almost* didn’t moan about having photos taken of them! I’m glad we were able to give this amazing mother what she hoped for.

IMG_1458 IMG_1955 IMG_1916 IMG_1901 IMG_1860 IMG_1848 IMG_1779 IMG_1777 IMG_1776 IMG_1763 IMG_1746 IMG_1745 9IMG_1735 8IMG_1611 7IMG_1595 6IMG_1529 5IMG_1471 4Heather_Josh 3Heather_Eve 2HeatherCharlotte 1FamilyRoseGarden

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