$1 Night at Santa Cruz Boardwalk

During the Summer, Heather has made sure that along with all of the fun and freedom, the children have been involved in positive and productive things daily. She came up with a Summer 2015 board that hangs in our dining room and includes a ‘bucket list’ of things that we wanted to do in the Summer, ‘Chef of the week'(the kids take turns in preparing meals), scriptures/articles of faith to learn and a daily checklist. Each day, the children are invited to read, write, do a chore, do some exercise and carry out an act of kindness. They record their progress by ticking boxes. For every day that they complete their tasks, they earn a little bit of pocket money. It’s been a really great way to help the kids learn to manage their time, teach the value of work and keep their skills sharp. Heather is amazing.


We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to spend some their pocket money and reap the rewards of their hard work, so we took them to $1 night at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Founded in 1907, the Boardwalk is California’s oldest surviving amusement park (thankyou Wikipedia) and it has a good old-fashioned vibe. The Big Dipper roller-Coaster, air lift, log flume, fairground-stye games. What’s nice about it is that it is full of families, even into the evening and on a Monday and Tuesday night, all rides, hot dogs and candy floss are only $1!

IMG_3821 1500px-Santa_Cruz_Boardwalk,_Santa_Cruz,_CA,_US_-_Diliff

Heather and I had our first Californian date at the Boardwalk around a year ago and loved it, so we were excited to take the kids.

It was a great night – the older kids rode on flying cars, while Charlotte and Olive went on the more tame equivalent. Swing rides, shooting baskets, root beer, candy floss. Olive won a Hello Kitty-in-a-leopardprint-onesie toy (what more could any child want?) in a water-squirting game with a little bit of help from Dad. Good old-fashioned, not-so-healthy, well-deserved fun.

IMG_3815 2

The photograph from the plunge at the end of the log flume is a keeper.

Expressions of pure terror.

Expressions of pure terror.

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