Oregon Road Trip Part 1: San Jose to Napa

Some good friends from our Edinburgh days kindly invites us to spend Thanksgiving with them in their home near Portland, Oregon. We decided to make a road trip out of the occasion, taking a couple of days to travel, seeing some sights and staying in Motels along the way.

Having 5 young children sit in a small confined space, such as a car for any length of time can be pretty challenging – in anticipation of such challenges and for the sake of our own sanity, we invested in some DVD players for the back of the car seats so that the time on the road (around 35 hours over 9 days) would be entertaining for the children and tolerable for us!


Setting off on the road to Oregon

Our first stop was Napa, which for those who haven’t visited the area, is part of California’s ‘wine country’; miles and miles of vineyards, wineries and Italian-inspired landscapes and architecture.


We stopped at a winery where we had lunch followed by some gelato.


Our next stop was another winery, this one was designed to look like an old castle (the closest we’re likely to get to a real castle over here in the U S of A!). We had a walk around, stretched our legs and enjoyed the surroundings.




Next, we visited Old Faithful, a famous geyser in the area. The geyser was going off every 20 minutes, so we didn’t have long to wait.


Waiting for Old Faithful…


On the site of the geyser, there were a few animals to feed and the children enjoyed looking at the goats, especially the newborn kids.


As we were leaving, Old Faithful blew again so we had a few final photos and headed up the road.



3 Comments on “Oregon Road Trip Part 1: San Jose to Napa

  1. Amazing photos and what beautiful, happy children enjoying a real adventure with Mam and Dad. Can’t wait for the next instalment so keep ’em coming:) Poppy & Grandma xx

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