Easter 2016

It’s funny over here. America loves a Holiday. Halloween, as we have previously posted, is mental. At Christmas, our little corner of suburbia is creaking under the weight of lights and decorations. On Valentines Day, the kids take cards and gifts for every member of their class at school. St Patricks Day sees everyone wearing green hats and clothing, building leprechaun traps and generally celebrating in a way that probably outdoes the Irish.

Easter however, isn’t as big of a deal here in the US of A as it is back home in England. Of course there’s a lot of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks kicking around in the shops, but the Holiday isn’t recognized by employers – we work Good Friday and Easter Monday, whereas in blighty, of course, those days are beloved Bank Holidays.

The other downer is the Easter Eggs. They don’t really do them here. OK, they do have the smaller ones, including “Cadbury” creme eggs (manufactured by Hersheys in Pennsylvania), but the big, hollow eggs with a bag of Dairy Milk Buttons inside are sadly nowhere to be found.

We made the best of the situation by carrying on a few good British traditions, starting with decorating hard boiled and blown eggs.

We took the boiled eggs to a local park and did a bit of egg rolling. Heather was the victor, with her flower-decorated egg going a good 30 metres without cracking.

On Sunday morning, the kids donned their bunny ears and had an egg hunt in the back garden…

We like to take a photo of the kids with their bunny ears and baskets – mainly to cause some embarrassment for them in years to come – here’s a few from the past few years…


Easter 2013, Durham, England


Easter 2015, San Jose, California


Easter 2016, San Jose, California

We had bunny pancakes for breakfast, made by Charlotte (Shout out to Pinterest). We went to Church, where the kids sang ‘Gethsemane’, which was lovely. Heather rounded off the day with an amazing dinner.

FullSizeRender 4

Happy Easter to our friends and family wherever you may be!





3 Comments on “Easter 2016

    • Happy Easter to you all ! Loved reading this and seeing your pics- and your mam has just shown me a video of the children singing ‘Gethsemane’ loved that too! much love to you all xxxx

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