Frostbite Bunkhouse, Nevada City

In September, for Labor Day weekend, we drove up to Nevada City for a short break. We wanted to be within driving distance of Lake Tahoe so that we could spend a day there. While browsing AirBnB for a place to stay, we came across the Frostbite Bunkhouse in Nevada City. It looked great, so we decided to book.

The ‘bunkhouse’ sleeps seven (perfect for us) and is situated on a farm a short distance from the owner’s home. Ken and Andee built the bunkhouse for their grandchildren and now also accept AirBnB guests. It was the perfect size, with solid wood bunkbeds and two beds in a loft bedroom, a small bathroom and kitchen area. Ken and Andee had decorated the bunkhouse with cowboy hats, saddles, family photographs, toys and children’s books.


When you open the door from the bunkhouse, you open up to Big John’s stable. Big John is one of two Belgian horses on the property, the other is Luke, who can sometimes be found wandering outside the bunkhouse window. The farm also has Highland Cows, dogs and 21 chickens. The kids absolutely loved the animals. We would go out to the beach and they would be constantly asking “can we go back and play with the animals now?”. Ken and Andee were fantastic with the kids, giving them experiences with the animals; grooming the highland cows, playing fetch with the dogs, stroking the horses and even collecting eggs from the chickens.


The kids stroking Big John


In the chicken coop


Olive and Stretch

It was so nice to leave the suburbs of Silicon Valley with its traffic, tech and fast-paced living and enjoy the trees, the animals and the surrounding scenery.

Ken and Andee were fantastic hosts and went well above and beyond our expectations of Bed and Breakfast. The kids were delighted went they were invited to go into their Garden and dig out potatoes, pick tomatoes, corn and zucchini.

The kids loved getting their hands dirty!

IMG_6659On the Saturday, we drove North to Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, where the children enjoyed Hawaiian shaved ice…

…followed by splashing around and riding inflatable sharks on the lake.

We stayed the whole day and because they hadn’t already had enough sugar… we hit Tahoe Time ice cream before heading back to the Bunkhouse.



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