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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ever since Heather was a baby, her extended family have visited Pembrokeshire, South Wales, during the Summer. It’s the area where Heather’s late Granny grew up and it has drawn the family back ever since. ┬áIt’s a beautiful area of natural, largely untouched beaches, headland, quaint little towns and villages and winding roads flanked by hedgerows. This was a great chance to catch up with the extended family as well as take… Read More

After leaving Iceland very early in the morning, we all did this… …then we finally arrived in Bristol. We picked up a hire car and headed North, stopping for dinner with family in Worcester. We finally arrived at my parents’ place in Billingham around 9pm. We got settled and tried to put the kids to bed. That worked successfully for everyone but Olive, whose body clock was out of sync. So Olive… Read More