Summer 2017: Pembrokeshire Part 1

Ever since Heather was a baby, her extended family have visited Pembrokeshire, South Wales, during the Summer. It’s the area where Heather’s late Granny grew up and it has drawn the family back ever since.  It’s a beautiful area of natural, largely untouched beaches, headland, quaint little towns and villages and winding roads flanked by hedgerows. This was a great chance to catch up with the extended family as well as take in some of Britain’s most beautiful scenery. We really wanted the kids to know Pembrokeshire and develop a fondness for the area.

52 family members visited Pembrokeshire that week, with families staying in various cottages and houses in the area. We stayed in The Old Post office in the village of Marloes. Each day, text messages would go around, arranging where to meet up and what the day’s activities would be.


Josh and Lucy at The Old Post Office, Marloes


Trampoline in the back garden at The Old Post Office

The village of Marloes is right by the beautiful Marloes Sands beach with its jagged rock structures. On day 1, we headed down to the beach. As can be seen from the photo below, the kids couldn’t get down there quick enough.


Running down to Marloes Sands

The children went exploring and paddling in the rock pools…



Lucy and Olive became preoccupied with a butterfly…


Another day, we visited Druidstone, where we saw a horse-riding lesson taking place on the beach…



Because of the challenges of family members living in various parts of the world, quite a few years had gone by since our kids had seen some of their cousins and memories were either faint or not really there at all. There’s something special about cousins though and that was made clear to us when we arrived at the beach at Druidstone on day 2. As we approached a group of family members, our children turned to Heather and I and gesturing to a group of kids asked “Are they our cousins?” When we confirmed that they were their cousins, they ran over and immediately began playing together. It was lovely to see the immediate trust that came with knowing that they were with family.


Once the cousins were united, they did the obvious thing: have a race. Relays to and from the rock ensued. Bowling, digging, splashing…

Back at the Old Post Office, there was a textured glass floor that got me pretty excited. That’s just the way I am…



Heather’s Uncle Gary and Aunt Viv were staying in the lovely village of Solva. We called by to say hello and meet Olly and Joanne’s lovely new baby Isla. Our kids were obsessed. We caught up, enjoyed the views and the kids took turns holding Isla…



Solva has a few nice art shops, including the Oriel Fach gallery where we met the resident artist, Warren Heaton. When Heather’s Granny passed away, she very generously left some money to each of her grandchildren. Heather had decided that she wanted to spend the money on a painting of Pembrokeshire to remind her of her Granny. We liked Warren’s style and are in the process of commissioning him to create something for our wall…


Heather & Warren


Olive with one of Warren’s paintings

Our kids love to collect shells. They could do it all day, so we spent a couple of hours on Dale beach, which is a great place for interesting stones and shells…



Later in the week, we headed back to Druidstone, where we had a true British classic: scones, jam and cream at the Druidstone Hotel…



Enjoying the rare British sunshine at the Druidstone Hotel

We then headed down to the beach at Druidstone, where we barbecued and had a game of football on the beach…



The big game

I don’t like to boast about it, but I was the joint-top scorer with Reuben – 7 goals each!

We stayed on the beach for hours, playing, catching up and generally having a great time.




2 Comments on “Summer 2017: Pembrokeshire Part 1

  1. Scrolling through all this just makes me wish I could have been there too. It looks really lovely and peaceful, quaint, and right by the sea. Such a happy record for you to keep of your summer of 2017.
    It was great seeing you at the Pageant after so many years.

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