Thanksgiving 2016

For Thanksgiving, we went on a road trip through Nevada, Utah, Arizona (for 15 minutes) and California.


The children are going to be guest bloggers for the road trip and write a little piece about each part of the trip.

We left on Friday evening and headed for Reno, Nevada. We arrived late at night and stayed over in an Airbnb house. The next morning, in true road trip style, we hit the diner for breakfast. Over to our Reno correspondent, Eve:


We waited and waited for our breakfast to arrive. It finally did, milkshakes, pancakes, Mac and Cheese, caramel apples and many other delicious foods were for breakfast. Breakfast at Dennie’s was a hit!



we rented a house in nevada ,nevada was  like a dry desert.olive had a bubble bath,we found sweets in the house we were renting!we ate some they were delicious!

It was very windy!


One of the highlights of the trip for me was seeing tumbleweed on the Nevada roads. I thought it only existed in Wile E. Coyote cartoons.


A few shots of the Nevada roads…


Nevada Pit-Stop


In Nevada my parents let us play in the leaves and my dad and brother put on some TVs in the car. The light was really pretty in Nevada. We took lots of pictures.



St George dunes


Me and Dad 👦🏻👱🏻went on a sand DUNE 🇺🇸To a sandy area with lots of gigantic hills.🙀It was so Awsome there were also big bumps that made us jump of the ground we drove up the hill and when we got there we stopped the sand dune. Me, dad and our friends walked up the hill and rolled boulders down the mountain and I rolled a big boulder down the mountain. It went far down the mountainside and then crashed into a gigantic stone 💎 then it fell into pieces❗️😳😓☠️👽👺👹😮😙🏜

Salt Lake City & Provo

Las Vegas & Fresno


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