Burdons on the Bay


After a fantastic visit to Edinburgh and Stirling and a leisurely start to Joshua’s birthday, we arrived at Achnagairn. Our excitement had been mounting as we worked our way up to the highlands in our car. We passed beautiful vistas, lochs, fields of bluebells gracing the hills and snow capped mountain peaks. We listened to ‘Everything is awesome’ from the Lego movie on repeat (especially for the birthday boy) interspersed with ‘California’ by… Read More

The dream was becoming a reality and that reality required a lot of hard work and organisation. The job Dave agreed to carry out in exchange for use of Achnagairn castle was a big one. It took up a lot of his time, often requiring very late nights and early morning starts. He did this in the run up to Christmas  and whilst Heather was looking after the other five children. This included many… Read More