Burdons on the Bay


I came across this while digging around in an old hard drive recently. A lovely record of a particular point in time. Only a few years on, we’ve already been through a lot of changes!

We’ve moved around a fair bit since Heather and I got married. From a flat in South Shields to a flat in Edinburgh, to another flat, a third flat and a house in Edinburgh, to Mam and Dad’s place in Billingham, to a house in Durham, to temporary accommodation in Cupertino and now to our current place in San Jose. 8 or 9 homes in just under 11 years. Partly due to this… Read More

Yesterday, we visited the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. Halloween is a big deal over here – we first saw Halloween decorations and items in the shops back in August. What better way to build up to Halloween than a visit to Half Moon Bay – the pumpkin capital of the world! Once we battled the traffic and managed to get parked, we walked down Main Street, where there were all kinds… Read More

After a fantastic visit to Edinburgh and Stirling and a leisurely start to Joshua’s birthday, we arrived at Achnagairn. Our excitement had been mounting as we worked our way up to the highlands in our car. We passed beautiful vistas, lochs, fields of bluebells gracing the hills and snow capped mountain peaks. We listened to ‘Everything is awesome’ from the Lego movie on repeat (especially for the birthday boy) interspersed with ‘California’ by… Read More