Burdons on the Bay


Heather’s brother, sister and mother have been lucky enough to spend the last couple of years on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii (Tom and Kate are studying there and Lyn is a missionary, volunteering at the Polynesian Cultural Center). It’s been a few years since we have seen Lyn and a few more years since the whole family has been in the same place, so we wanted to take the opportunity… Read More

Fall is over. Winter is here and so is the rain! It has come down fast and furious this last week. It’s funny how a bit of rain and greyer skies can instantly transport my mind to thoughts of home. All of a sudden the landscape feels that bit more familiar to me, despite the palms and mountain ranges in view. I’ve been enjoying the novelty of the rain here – and… Read More

On Saturday afternoon, once all the guests had headed home from Lucy’s party, the place was cleaned up and children fed, we headed to the Santa Cruz mountains to choose and cut our Christmas tree. This was our fist experience of chopping down our own tree and whilst I was the driving force behind this little adventure, I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to pan out. Dave and I aren’t exactly… Read More

Last Sunday after Church, we wanted to take a drive somewhere. We made a picnic and had it in the car ready to go. We decided to drive to the Oakland temple to have a look around and have the picnic. The temple is really impressive – it has a unique architectural style and the grounds are beautiful – palm trees, fountains etc. There is a Christus statue in the visitors centre,… Read More