Burdons on the Bay


Here we go again… Our beautiful Olive has recently turned 17 months. She is a happy, calm, delightful baby. She has been walking whilst holding on to the tip of my little finger for some time now, but on New Years Eve took her very first steps. Four of them! Since then, we have all enjoyed counting how many she can do. I think the record so far is 11. Our many attempts… Read More

A couple of days after we moved in to our house here in California, Olive turned 1! I knew it was coming and although I’d have liked time to have stood still for at least a little while (so we could be better prepared, like you know – have a car, some furniture – even some friends!) it didn’t. Before we knew it, the day was here and luckily for us Uncle… Read More

I know she is still just a baby, but it really is incredible to me how Olive has shown strength, courage and determination through the whole process she has been through, having been born with bilateral talipes. Not only that but she has done it in such a graceful, gentle and peaceful way. She has had treatment for severe bilateral talipes (clubfoot) on both feet from being 10 days old. She’s been through weekly… Read More